Of the many things that provide a thrilling monetary and sporting experience together, gambling or betting is probably the most famous. A recent innovative addition to this approach is the advent of sites that allow the buying, selling and trading of football players online, very much like shares. Websites like Football Index, bring together the joy of gambling and football, and are getting immensely popular among the masses.

These sites are based on the same format as share market. In a traditional set-up, you buy shares and build your portfolio; while in this set-up, you assess football players based on their past and current performance. While you make money in the share market by buying, selling and trading shares with other shareholders, these websites help you make money by foreseeing which players are likely to perform better in their future games. Let us see how exactly these sites work for your benefit.

Buying football players

Different football gambling sites have different specifics regarding buying, selling and trading football players, but the basics remain the same. For example, Football Index divides football players of the world into two lists- the First Team and the Squad. There are 200 players in the team and the rest are placed in the squad. There is a replacement of two players between these lists every week, with top voted players from the squad making way to the team, and the least favoured players from the team moving to the squad.

Each player has a fixed price per share. For top performing players, this price is higher. You have to decide how much money do you want to invest on each player, and how much money in total do you wish to spend. Just as you buy shares after calculating the risks, you buy football players.

Predicting the future value of football players

In order to make money with these sites, you have to brush up your general knowledge about which footballer is playing well, and which ones can bounce back after a low phase. There are two ways by which the value of a football player increases:

  • If the player you have placed money on is being talked about in the media, his value will increase and you will get benefit.
  • If the player you have chosen performs well in his next on-field performance, you will earn.

Trading football players

The same principles govern both- the share market and these football gambling sites. The price of a player is affected by the delicate balance of demand and supply. You have to find other owners who are willing to trade their players with you. Depending on the performance of the football players in their next match, you will see how well your prediction went.

Websites like Football Index are a great way to use your acumen of predicting the performance of football players and to earn money by following the past and current performance of world-famous football players. However, it is advisable that you go easy in the beginning, and once you observe how thing work here, then it is time to strike it hard.