Smartphones are gaining popularity in every demographic of society, from children to old people. They are being made capable of performing more and more of everyday functionalities of a full-fledged computer. Given what the future clearly has in store for electronic gadgets, the computer entertainment industry cannot keep away from making games capable of being played in phones.

Sure enough, there are a handful of extremely exciting games for smartphones that have come up, with a few of them being specially tailored for play using an iPhone. Websites like Vernons Online Casino offer all sorts of games both on their normal website and for play using iPhones on their special mobile website. Here are a few of the games that you can carry with you wherever you go.


Mobile blackjack is the gold mine of card game enthusiasts. All you need to do in order to carry it wherever you go is to log into the mobile website of the company, sign in with your already existing user ID and password, and start playing! The game is multiplayer, and offers every thrill of playing blackjack live at a casino, including real wagers. One of the best ways to practice Blackjack while on the go so you can stun your friends with acquired adeptness at the table.

European Roulette

It’s a gem of a game for those who like to test their dominion over lady luck every now and then. Roulette involves throwing a pair of balls onto a rotating wheel with a bid of a total sum of numbers based on the position of the balls when the wheel comes to a standstill. It requires almost no training or knowledge of rules, but simply works on good fortune. It’s also called the wheel of fortune in many countries because of the nature of the game. To play online, you only need enough funds in your casino account in order to make a bid. As long as that is done, there is no reason why you cannot play this game wherever you go on your iPhone.

Iron Man 2

This is an action game aimed at those with dynamic preferences. Navigate the movements of Iron Man, the super hero of the game to take him across various trying situations. The navigations are simpler than they ever were due to the touchscreen enabled nature of the game: you only have to swipe up to jump over things, swipe down to cause Iron Man to slide over, and simply turn your phone around to make him change direction. This allows the game to be made much faster than on a keypad and ensures a high dose of entertainment. It’s a very addictive game and people who play it once go on at it for hours in a row.

These are just three of the many varied games available to be played on iPhone from various game Applications and websites. So go ahead and start downloading your favourite games on your phone now!