Roulette is one of the most played casino gambling game. The casino game was first invented in France, Europe and later with increasing popularity moved to gambling loving cities and countries like America. However with America maintaining gambling trend of its own, the game of Roulette has undergone several modifications.

When playing the players are generally offered both French as well as American versions of the game. The French version of the game includes roulette game wheel in which a small ball is thrown in wheel by the game dealer or also known as the croupier.  The game consists of the table where many people are allowed to place bets in a game at the same time. The numbers for roulette games range from 1-36. Each number is assigned to either a red or black color. This means on the roulette wheel the red and black numbers are equal. The game numbers are divided into categories as odd and even or as high numbers or low numbers. 1-17 is a range of low ends and 18-36 is range of higher ends. The French roulette consists of a single green spot with a number zero which is also known as house edge.

The American roulette is very similar to French roulette except it consists an additional green slot. The extra green slot is indicated as double zero on the American Roulette wheel. The double zero adds up 38thslot in the wheel and everything on the wheel is kept same including the number assembly. Additional zero slot increases the chances for house edge which is the condition where all players who bet on red and black slot numbers lose and casino wins.

In a French Roulette game, the chance for the ball to hit the green slot is 2.70%. It means in every spin of the wheel there are 2.70% out of 100 chances for the ball to hit the green slot over the other numbers. While in case of American Roulette wheel with two zero slots, the chances for house edge are almost double then that of the French roulette wheel. The American Roulette wheel chances for house edge are 5.26%. The extra zero slot in American version increases the game pace and ensures more chances for profit for casino parlor.

There is absolutely no advantage in playing American roulette over French as chances for house edge are almost double. The house edge is part of all casino games. It is possible to lower the odds for hitting the house edge while you bet by developing some strategies. Most casino players choose to consistently flip casino games. Another effective strategy to lower the odds is to pause betting for a while. In online casinos when players are winning consistently with casino house at loss, it is possible to change the algorithms and increase the chances for house edge. Online casinos which are not certified do it very often and many players get scammed. Therefore it is essential to choose a good online casino to void house edge scams as well.