Gambling, casinos, the fast and furious lifeā€¦ everything points to Las Vegas. The Sin Capital of the world. Well, one small territory situated more than 11,745 miles away is slowly and steadily inching towards surpassing Las Vegas.
Macau, an autonomous region under Chinese rule, is spectacularly on its way to achieving superstardom in the gambling and casino industry which is the big takeaway in the picture painted by CasinoSites.

If the parameter of gambling revenue is anything to go by, Macau is a surefire winner with its yield form gambling surpassing that of Las Vegas by more than three times in recent years.

One sweet deal here for the gambling and casino lovers has been a gift from the Macau government. Quite remarkably, any gambling winnings in the hands of the gamblers are totally tax-free. The government, though, is not so benevolent for the casino companies from which it receives more than 75% of their revenue in the form of gambling taxes.

Las Vegas on the other end has 25-30% taxes applicable for all gamblers who win, depending on staggered tax brackets. So, if given a choice, gamblers would book his tickets for Macau any day as they get to keep more money in their pockets!

Another little-known fact is that the people who go to Macau have done so with gambling in mind, while many of the tourists in Vegas enjoy other forms of entertainment the city has to offer.

Both Macau and Las Vegas are blessed with ever increasing international tourists, apart from the local patrons who frequent the place. The intoxicating combination of entertainment, casino gambling, glamorous hotels, and shows has long drawn millions of tourists and visitors to both the locations, and the trend is bound to continue in the times to come.