Below are the mentioned categories of poker hands:

Straight flush- it is a hand consisting all same suit five cards in a sequence such as 5,6,7,8,9 of hearts. In straight flush Ace is considered as low.

At the time of shutdowns the player who has the highest ranking of 5 straight hands is a winner.
Four of a kind- in four a kind four cards consist of the same rank and other left card. If two players have the same quad then the 5th card is used as tie breaker which is known as a kicker. And if the kicker is same then it is considered as a tie.

Royal flush – it is a straight flush in which the Ace is the highest card like A,K,J,Q,10 is known as Royal flush

Flush- It is a Poker hand in which all 5 cards are of same suits but should not in sequence. In flush the highest ranked Player is the winner.

Full house- also known as full boat and also as ‘three full of pairs’ in which 3cards are of the same number and rest 2 cards are of the same numbers. And the winner of full boat is a player who has higher ranking set of 3 cards.

Three of a kind- also known as a set or trips. In such poker hand the player has to make sets of three cards of the same rank and rest two cards should not of the same rank. The player who has highest ranking poker hand is considered as the winner. Example 9,9,9,3, J is winner if another player has a poker hand of 8,8,8, A, 5

Two pair- In such Poker hand the player should have hand in which 2pairs of cards should have same rank and 2 pairs rank should be different from each other.

One pair- In one pair poker hand there is only one set of 2same rank card and rest 3 cards are different to each other. In one pair poker hand the high rank one pair is winner to low rank one pair poker hand.