The popularity of poker has grown tremendously in recent times thanks to its availability online and on media platforms like television. With this boom came an increase in newbie players wanting to learn the tricks of the trade. These beginner players have been influenced by what they see on television, and while this is great for the poker industry, the results can be disastrous on newbie players thinking that poker is as easy as betting and winning.

Like any other game, Texas Holdem has a set of fundamentals/basics that every new and experienced player should be aware of. Following these basics can mean winning or losing significant amounts of money. These basics must be mastered in order to be a successful poker player.


No matter how skilled you are at poker, it means nothing if you have no discipline. For example, if you know you shouldn’t tilt, but tilt anyway, you have a discipline problem. At lack of discipline will hinder your chances of becoming a truly great poker player.


The bet is the heart of poker, and the building block of everything that takes place during the game. All ring game poker strategies revolve around the bet.  If you are not trying to win pots, you are trying to get the best pots by betting. If you are trying to win money, you have to make bets.


Poker is not just about the luck of the draw. It requires a certain amount of skill as well. Think while you are playing poker. If a bet is made without thinking first, you are placing your money in jeopardy. Thoughtful play is important in poker and must focus on the bets that are made thoughtlessly. Attack bad players and attack the blinds.

Limit versus No Limit

The Holdem games you see on television are mostly No Limit Texas Holdem tournament poker. This is different from Limit Texas Holdem ring game poker so you should not confuse the two. This is important as none of the strategies used in No Limit tournaments are useful in Limit Holdem ring games.

Starting hands

Starting hands seem to be fixation novice players have with Texas Holdem. Actually, Texas Holdem is more of a post-flop game than a pre-flop, but novice and mediocre players find starting hands to be more important. If you are playing poker without learning and understanding the game and why you play a certain hand, you cannot call yourself a true poker player. Learning the art of Texas Holdem means understanding the reasons behind your actions. In Texas Holdem, it is more about the ‘why’ than about the ‘what’.