The difference between land based casinos and online casinos:

The payouts offered by the land based casino are less as compared to online casino.

There are some land based casino that has some dress codes playing there but there is no such rules when you are playing online casino,as you can play your online game easily siting on couch in lowers .

The land based casino offers less game options to play as because of limitation of space whereas online casino provides a huge variety of casino games.

In land-based casino put certain rules and restrictions on players whereas there are no such restrictions on players playing online casino games.

In land based casino beginners faced problems regarding what to play and how to play but online casino games are very easy to play and to get a bonus even for the beginners.

For players to play in a land based casino should have a good amount of cash to play but on online casino player can play within their budgets.

Land based casinos offer face to face interaction with the players and the crowd there and also provide a jolly and glamorous atmosphere to players but all of such things is missing in online casinos.
Players can play on online casinos according to their time schedule whereas for playing in land based casinos players have to take out special time to go to the casino.

Land based casino playing incurred other cost of expenditure other than on playing like cost of petrol or taxi cab rent to go to casino but such extra cost expenditure is missing on online casino gaming.