Everyone among us has played with or at least seen a card of decks. It consists of 52 cards and a joker. All these cards are divided in four suits of two colours, namely spades, clubs, hearts and diamonds. Each suit has thirteen cards which range from ace to king. While other cards are mere numbers and images, the kings in a deck hold special meaning and that is why they stand out among all cards. And among the kings, the King of Club is definitely considered to be the most influential.

Each of the kings in a deck of cards is said to represent a real life king. David, the king of Israel, is the king of spades, Charlemagne, a French king is the king of hearts, Caesar Augustus is the king of diamonds, while Alexander the Great is said to be the king of club. While every king has some historical significance attached to him, it is the Alexander the Great who is known as the conqueror of the world. He was someone who possessed great knowledge and courage and these are the qualities associated with the kind of club which we see in the deck of playing cards.

Represented by a man of loyalty and good character, the king of clubs is said to hold great power. However, he does not realize his potential. Due to these characteristics the king of club is regarded as the most powerful card. In every game which involves the use of playing cards, you can see players considering it lucky to have this card. Even the format of these games is such that the player who is dealt with a king of club is given the upper hand. So if someone is not even aware of the history attached to this card, he also wants the king of club to be dealt to him, as this will increase his chances of winning.

The power and influence of king of club is not only highlighted in the games we usually play with a deck of cards, but it is also a prominent card in casinos. If you have ever played a game at casino which involved the use of playing cards, then you must have seen that this one card can enable you to win the game. When the cards are being dealt by the dealer, then every player hopes to get this one card.

The importance of the king of club is realized even more when playing online casino games. Such games are considered to be based on skill and luck. While the level of skill possessed by players varies from one player to another, it is the luck that is considered to play a significant part in helping a player win his game. And if at such times you are given the king of club then it not only increases your confidence but also gives you assurance that you can turn the game in your favour.