You may have heard a lot of people talking about online casinos. There has been a lot of buzz about them in the last few years, but do you know exactly what an online casino is?

Online casinos are very similar to the casinos you will find in Las Vegas, with one huge difference – they are entirely based online. These casinos allow you to play all of the same games you could play at the MGM Grand, and a few you wouldn’t find there, but from you’re the comfort of your own home or indeed anywhere there is a computer and internet connection.

Types of Online Casino

There are many different types of online casino available, which means that they are great for those who like to have a lot of choice in the style of gambling they do. The main types of online casino are:


The traditional online casino is a based on traditional real world casinos; it offers all of the typical casino games that you would expect to find in Las Vegas, such as poker and roulette.


Slot based online casinos specialize in virtual slot machine games. There are literally hundreds of different slot based games to choose from online. Most online slot casinos also feature virtual poker games for those who like to mix it up a bit.

Scratch Cards

A lot of online casino specialise in scratch card type games where you simply scratch off virtual panels to reveal whether or not you have won a game.


Online bingo sites are amongst the most popular form of online casino at present. Online bingo sites tend to be much more social than any of the other games, which make them particularly popular with men and women who like to enjoy a chat as they play.