Casino games are very popular among gamblers due to the fun and playing experience associated with them along with the highest winning opportunity. There are a number of games that you can play both online and offline, which need you to invest some money to begin earning some more, while there are some other games like no deposit bingo, where you aren’t required to make any initial investment. Along with the benefit of earning huge amount of money, without investing much time and efforts, there are other rewards associated with casino games, known as comps that are known to attract many players. You can earn several comps or rewards depending on your commitment to the casino.

What are Comps?

Comps are referred to as complimentary items or services, provided by a casino to some loyal players, encouraging them to invest more in their games, hence, make them earn more money. There are a number of free items and services like a free meal, stay or others, which are used to attract regular casino players.

Requirements for a Comp

A comp is offered by a casino to its regular and loyal customers, depending on their commitment and playtime offered devoted towards the casino. In short, players providing more profit to the casino are rewarded with better compliments and services from the owner to attract more business in return. So, there is only one requirement to get comps and that is gamble as much as you can. Most of the casinos have set a certain minimum limit of bets and play time for the players to be eligible for a complimentary reward.

Avail membership to get counted

A gambling player is measured in terms of his bets or playtime at the casino with the help of certain stats and records maintained for the player. These records are maintained for all the members of the club, while non-members might not get counted for the list of people eligible for getting several comps. Thus, you need to avail the membership of the casino club to make sure that your investments in the casino get counted to help you avail a comp item or a service.

Negotiate with the dealer

To know more about how a casino offers comps and make the most out of it, you should talk to a dealer or any other authoritative person present in the building, which you can easily approach. You can also negotiate for certain limits to get rewarded with a comp, while the basic understanding of the terms of the casino to offer you a comp will help you plan your bets accordingly.

Different Available Comps

Comps are divided into different levels to be awarded to players according to their contribution, where the lowest level includes free beverages. The second level comp contains a free meal with some limits, while a high-roller might be awarded with no limits on the orders placed. The next level includes a free accommodation, while other comps include a reimbursement for airfare, limo rides, golf tickets and other premium services.

Thus, you can play any of the casino game like no deposit bingo, poker, slots and others and improve the chances of getting a comp, provided you are a club member.