There are a great variety of sites that offer online poker opportunities. There are so many on the internet that it can sometimes be difficult to differentiate between those that add value to our playing experience and those that detract from the overall experience.

It is true that all online poker rooms are equal; however, some are more equal than others, to paraphrase George Orwell. There will always be that one special place where you enjoy playing online poker. Here is how to find it before everyone else and their mother does.

The criteria you use should be consistent, ie, don’t overlook some things in one place just because you feel enraptured by something else that they’re getting right. Apply the same rules to all the places you’re scouting out and you may just find the one place that will have to happily playing online poker for hours every week.

The players matter

You probably think that the [other] people who play at your future online poker site do not need to be looked at; however, this should be one of the key factors when you’re trying to find a site that is worthy of your time and money.

Do not let bonuses dictate your custom

Bonuses and other such tempting offers should not determine where you decide to park off. A bonus is just that and should be something on top of other excellent criteria, such as the ones we are busy discussing.

How good is the customer support?

You want to know that you’ll be able to find an answer to that pressing question you have. You also want to know that you will definitely get an answer to it before the next century. How much do they value a good relationship with their players?

How easy is it to use?

Do you need to go back to school for that PhD or will a high school education be sufficient to operate the site? Try to stay away from sites that want to appear smarter than what they really are – this will make it difficult to understand how to use them.

Think about what makes it all worthwhile for you

While we can pontificate about the big things that should matter to you, chances are that there will always be some little thing that attracts you to a particular site. Frequent tournaments, table limits and multi-table play may be just some of these that will impel you to using a particular place that specialises in online poker.

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Piggs Peak Poker wrote this article on the number of things that all aspirant online poker players should look out for.