Two common mistakes usually happen in the game of poker – either they fold prematurely or too late. If you’re a beginner, do not play with too many hands, you have to learn how to pick and choose your cards to make it a greater hand. If you have great hands then try to bluff and make them fold their card – a win for you. But if you think you have a bad hand – learn to fold. Folding in a game of poker doesn’t mean that you’re giving up – that you’re a loser, you’re just simply saving your money for another game. If you lose all your money then that is losing. One important trait in poker is discipline and by folding at the right time equates to having self discipline.

If you fold as early as the game every time you think your card is in bad shape, you won’t probably survive the rest of the game. You have to learn how to be fearless, the objective of the game is to win the pot. Play your skills and analyse the movement and expressions of your opponent, from there you can form your next move and will know if it’s time to fold or not.

Remember the other players cannot see your cards, they can only decipher your hand if you show the slightest emotion. Be confident even if you have a very tight hand, show aggression and your opponent will somehow fold and eventually win the pot.

Do not play with whatever hand you have, you have to wait for a set of greater hand not the average ones but the greater ones. If you keep on playing with a bad hand, this calls that you fold right away. For example if you have the middle pairs like 7s or 8s, there’s no reason to give the call but if you have A7 off suit – you’ll never go anywhere with this set of hands thus as the situation demands, call it off right away.

If you are holding 2s or As and usually you end up chasing a flush, it will eventually cost you your stack. Avoid being a chaser especially when you know you’re at the end of the road, you might fall deep. And if you fall you’ll chase some other things this time – your lost money.

You fold when you ran out of stack. Limit the amount of your chips or your poker money every time you play. If you ran out then it’s time to pull off and maybe try again next time.

The difference between a pro and an amateur poker player is that they are already skilled and know the right timing when to fold. They are patient – patiently waiting for their right time to strike. They are disciplined – they know when to fold and not afraid to pull back. Poker is a game of chances, so if at the start of the game, you have luckily given two As, what will you do?

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