Let’s face it Gambling online could be a bit enticing, aside from being a form of entertainment it could also be a source of excitement. Imagine winning a lot of money in just a push of a button, how exciting is that? However, this may be a double-edge sword because of the fact that there are also some problems that you have to be aware of. One of the most common problems encountered by those who are starting out in trying online gambling is that they are about to spend a lot of their money just to find out later on that they were duped and that the online gambling site is not legitimate at all. The fact that many people are enticed to play online gambling gave many unscrupulous people in to conning people out of their money. Now the question is what does an interested online gambler has to do? As they say knowledge is power, so it is very important for you to know the ins and outs of online gambling and maybe to train yourself to identify online gambling scams immediately. So how do we spot a fake or an online gambling scammer? Here are some tips that will help you know and identify online gambling scams.

  1. Unable to Cash Out – so you have paid for your online chips, now you played some game and you finally won, as they say a wise player always quit when their ahead, so you tried to withdraw your winnings only to find out that you will not be able to do so because of numerous reasons that the online gambling site has enumerated. That goes the same when you want to cash out what little money you have left after losing some. This is considered to be the most common online gambling scam. So beware.
  2. Bogus Bonuses and Add-Ons – how do you entice someone into choosing you over other competitors? Offer the target client with something that your competition does not have. In the case of online gambling offer bonuses that are out of this world, something that makes the gambling enthusiast feel that he is not going to lose any money. Well truth is there is no such offer, if you happen to find one that offers bonuses or deals that obviously puts the online gambling operator at the disadvantage, run away. This is an obvious scam and it is out to get your money and the bonuses? None existing.
  3. Illegal Looking Legal – this type of scam is more geared towards enticing you to play at their site and then later on performs things that will just drain your finances. This type of scam is designed for the people who are actually scrutinizing online gambling sites. So what the scammers do is to make the site or portal to be as legit looking as possible. This is done by copying logos from legitimate online gambling sites then uses it in their site. This makes the untrained eyes be duped in the playing at this online gambling site. Once you are playing on such site the scam commences by either of the first two mentioned scams.

Knowing these types of scams makes you more aware and already you have developed that keen sense of scrutiny where you do not immediately jump into deals and offers. Remember if it is too good to be true it usually is.