Live Roulette is a very exciting game that many beginners are certainly going to try out. Blame it in the popularity of the game because of the influences of the media, how many times live roulette’s have been featured or shown in movies? The excitement that are portrayed in movies couple it with the fact that this game is  really easy to play and follow makes live roulette a very popular game not only virtually but also live. As mentioned, one factor that made the game so popular is that it is so easy to play and that you do not need much mathematical prowess in order to become successful in this game, mostly all you need is luck and the ability to choose the right number. So how do you actually play this game? Here is a simple guide that you can follow if you are just about to start playing live roulette for the first time.

First Off we have to define what live roulette is, basically it’s composed of a spinning wheel and a rolling ball on a table where you could place your bet. If the ball stops or lands on the number that you bet on then you win! Simple right? Now let us go into the nitty gritty of the game.

Placing Your Bets

To play live roulette you do not just have to place your bet at any given time, there is a designated time for you to place your bet. This is usually done between each spin of the wheel. After the table is cleared of any chips that are either for winning and losses one minute is given to you to place your bets. How many bets can you do at a single gave of live roulette? Well as many as you want as long as you do it within the time frame given to you or until the time that the dealer says betting is closed and have waved off his hand on the table. Right before the betting is going to be closed the dealer would have already spun the wheel and immediately after the ball is tossed in to the wheel. Place your bet on the marked area on the table and stop betting and do not touch anything right after the dealer announced that the betting is already closed.

Where to Place Your Bets

The table is marked with the number an color the same as that on the wheel. There are several areas where you can bet on the table. You can bet on a single number or group of numbers, you can even bet whether it would be odd or even or based on color either black or red. There are also some columns and split bets where you can place your bet. What are split bets? These are areas where you can place your chips and do multiple bets. For example, if you place your bet on the line between two numbers it means that you are splitting your bet on those two numbers. If you place the bet on the intersection of numbers that means you are betting on all the numbers touched. If you place your bet at the end of a row it simply means that you are splitting your bet on all the number in that row and if you put your bet on the intersection in the middle of two rows it means that you are betting on the numbers located in those two rows.

Playing live roulette is pretty simple right? So what are you waiting for? Start playing and be on your way to winning some or losing some but either way you will definitely have fun.