Casinos are definitely an important part and mode of entertainment for many people. In fact, some people spend considerable length of the day in casinos for entertainment purpose. Also it allows them to grab huge winnings. The atmosphere inside a casino is full of thrill, romance, fun and glamour. Even we have come across these thrilling scenes in various movies. The thrill and excitement shown in the movies is far more than the reality. It is done to steal attraction of the audiences. There are numbers of movies that remind us of thrilling casino scenes. Let us now have a look at some of the top-rate movies that have these thrilling scenes related to casinos.

The Hangover

It is an impressive and classic casino scene that makes the audiences imagine how it feels like playing casino for the first time. In this scene, you can learn to play the basic rules of this interesting and exciting game. It also lets you to experience the thrill and excitement of beating the house as well apart from beating the numbers.

Casino Royale

Again it is one of the most thrilling and exhilarating casino scenes ever shown on screen. This scene is referred to as ‘the final hand’ that may make you feel as if the movie is coming to an end. However, the audiences are drenched in sweat as a feeling of great suspense and thrill is stimulated. It is due to huge amount of $120 million left on the table for grabbing up by the players.

Rain Man

In this movie, the scene of the main characters named Raymond and Charlie Babbitt stopping by in a casino and trying their hands at Blackjack is just amazing. While trying their luck, they realize the Raymond is in fact skilled in counting the cards as well as winning huge amounts of money.

Austin Powers

In this scene, the casino scene has been displayed and depicted in an entirely strange way. Or you can say an illogical side of gambling and the casinos has been shown in this scene. It is shown that the hero hits a particular number claiming that he likes to take risks. In reality, he does so as he knew the next card number. But the game turns out to be in favour of the dealer due to his refusal to hit the otherwise winning number.

Diamonds Are Forever

In this scene, it has been shown that the hero is living his life totally dedicated to casino. In fact, he just follows the lifestyle of a casino. Although he plays roughly and in a vague manner however he is shown to be totally stylish and winner in all manners. This is exactly the thinking and feeling of a common man when he goes to a casino.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

In this casino scene, you will come across the strangest of the poker scenes ever expected by the audience. It is in fact one among the most heroic poker scenes ever shown in any movie.

These are some of the most thrilling casino scenes ever shown in any movie.