Most online casino games these days offer you the chance to have a go at the particular game in a free play mode which means you don’t have to tap into your bankroll to get to grips with what you are playing.

Although the thrill and excitement of winning real money is not available, this offer should not be turned down, if is a game you have never played before.

Certain games inside the Betfair casino room are self-explanatory therefore you won’t need the free play mode as you should be able to go straight into it knowing how to bet and win. Roulette is a good example of this as it is arguably one of the simplest games to understand. On the other hand, craps and baccarat can look really complex at a first glance; therefore playing these games for free will allow you to see what they are all about.

The first rule when it comes to casino betting should be to know the game you are taking part in inside out. This means you know exactly what is required to pick up a return, how much a spin or bet will cost you and all the rules which come with it. Once you tick all three of those boxes, you can play with your own money for real, which will give you the best chance of being successful.

The free-play mode can also be very useful if you are thinking about using a new strategy in your selected game. Changing tactics to your usual method can be risky but if you try it when there is none of your bankroll on the line, it takes the pressure off, which will allow you to experiment and then decide if it is right for you.

You may not feel that playing for free will have any benefit to you in slot games; however, it is definitely worth a go if you fancy playing one of the more modern formats where there are multiple lines across the face of the wheels. Some games allow you to take out up to 100 lines per spin so you need to be aware about what you are committing to and if you feel you are getting value for your stake.

A lot of the newer slot games today also feature a number of bonus rounds. By playing in the free play mode, you can try and advance to one of these so you can see how they are before making your decision about which games to get involved in.