In order to make betting even more convenient for people nowadays online betting sites have come up that cater to the needs of the clients who are really very fond of betting. In Turkish language betting sites are known as bahis siteleri and in a country like Turkey there are strict regulations regarding betting but no restrictions at all. As Turkey is one of the most lucrative markets in the betting industry.
Therefore, companies like Nicobet, Adabet etc have come up to cater to these people. Bahis siteleri or betting sites are designed specifically for the press of a mouse click, pay the betting amount with your credit or debit card and in case if you win the bet then you get back almost double or maybe triple the amount you had bet. Betting is sort of an investment, but the type of betting discussed here is of a large scale as here the amounts are in denominations of millions or maybe billions and because of these bets, only the players on the field become rich in no time and they get their share of wealth depending upon the amount of bet placed on them.

Betting and Cricket

BCCI (Board of Cricket Council of India) is the richest cricket board in the world and Indian Cricketers the richest Cricketers in the world and all the credit goes to betting. Almost all the cricket matches are presumed fixed and this involves a lot of betting. People spend crores of Rupess or Euros on their bets and this is also the reason why many cricketers have been victims of betting scandals which ultimately ended their careers. Recently the betting scandal that came into limelight was during IPL (Indian Premier League) last year wherein 3 cricketers where subjected to BCCI inquiry but the decision is still not known.