Introduction to Sports Gaming Opportunity Act:
Different sports in America are open for sports betting. Sports betting in America has been made legal in a few of the American states and not all. In order to ensure sports protection, the law that was introduced before sports gaming opportunity act was sports protection act. Sports protection act completely restricts betting on any sports event. The law is not applicable to states were betting is legal. Different states were betting is not legalized yet are applying for opening a window of legalizing sports betting.

With the increasing popularity of online casinos and gambling game likes online poker, blackjack etc. Federal community recently introduced two different bills. In the two bills, the Federal legislators are planning to legalize betting on professional as well as amature sports. The two bills purposed for sports betting are as follows:

The two bills will be submitted simultaneously in two houses for passing and legalizing it.

Bill1: The bill1 is popularly known as a Sports Protection Act. As per the sports protection bill, a special window will be opened up for all USA states. This special window will be opened up for 4 years. In this bill different states can legalize sport betting and apply for sports betting

Bill2: The second bill is specially made for the state of New Jersey. The bill will permit state of New Jersey to offer betting instate. New Jersey state amendment first clearly prohibited sports betting. However with increasing demand and in response to voters queries an argument was filed against the amendment. Therefore in response to allow sports betting, a bill was proposed for permitting sports betting in the state of New Jersey.

Sports Gaming opportunity Act:
Sports gaming opportunity bill is sponsored by Frank LoBiondo. Sports gaming opportunity act was proposed in consideration with arguments made in the two bills above. The sports gaming opportunity act is a bill that is proposed to serve the arguments of two bills under one act with several modifications done as improvements. Different conditions for various states that are experiencing similar problem like New Jersey have been considered which in the future may require to register for legalizing sports betting. The sports gaming opportunity act covers many different professional and amateurs games for online as well as offline betting. The act also covers online casino gambling games including play blackjack, poker and other online card betting games.

The sports gaming opportunity act states that a window would be re-opened for USA states to help them register for sports betting services within the legal borders of that particular state. The window term has been kept same for 4 years and window will be scheduled for opening as per authority orders. The main purpose of the sports gaming opportunity act is mainly discussing on one act instead of two different bills, helps save time for two houses were bill will be discussed on, very less time required for processing applications of different states under conditional instructions of each state and other such. The current window is set open for a sports gaming opportunity act for until 2016-17 session.