With the economic downturn over the past number of years, a lot of people have tried to get creative with the way they earn a few extra pound here and there.

One way of making some ‘silent’ income is through sports betting. There are various sites that allow users to bet on the outcome of sporting games/events like boxing, football, horseracing etc. With the advancement of technology and mobile Internet these days, it’s possible for users to enjoy some betting funfrom the comfort of their own homes.

Here are some Free Betting Tips that will hopefully help you to keep a level head and a pocket full of cash.

1. Have a basic strategy in mind

Having a basic strategy to betting will ensure that your risks are kept under control to a certain extent. Know exactly how much you’re prepared to play with and don’t bet more than this amount. This is where a lot of people fail and they over-spend trying to make up losses.

2. Accept that things won’t always go your way

It is betting after all so there is no guarantee in this industry that you’ll make money, but there are tips and strategies that will decrease your odds of losing. Don’t be too hard on yourself if things are not going your way – just keep focused and stick to the strategy in number 1 (above).

3. Learn the rules and different types of bets

In order to get good at anything, it pays to put in some time learning about the rules etc. And this is no different when it comes to sports betting. Learn the various types of bets and the different levels of risks involved. This will provide you with a good insight into the best site and sports to invest your money in.

Betting is fun and should be seen as a way to make some extra money. Just use common sense and bet according to your strategy that you’ve set out. By being responsible about your gaming, you can enjoy it to its fullest potential and hopefully make some nice money along the way.