What is a high roller poker player? And how do you become one? That may be the question that is running through your mind right now. What is a high roller poker player? Well basically these are the people that are willing to shell out huge sums of money to play poker. They also get several incentives from Casinos like jet transfers, first class accommodations among others, a way for the Casino to say thank you for patronizing their Casino. Why do casino’s do this? Well aside from the fact that these casinos are gaining from the high roller player when he or she plays in their casino, the high roller could also be a brand ambassador indirectly for playing at their casino. The high rollers are usually not only the people who play with large sums of money but they also are the players who joins different casino sponsored tournaments as well as international poker tournaments where because of exposure allows them to gain followers, thus the brand ambassadorship, indirectly of course. However, not all high rollers are exposed in the public, there are high rollers that are discreet and do not really join any tournaments except maybe those done in-house in the casino. Poker is the one of the best game in the casino gaming and it is really enjoyable.

Now to answer the question, how does one become a high roller? Or better yet to put it on a better question what should be the characteristics of a high roller? Here are some of the things you have to consider.

  1. Regularly Play – to be a high roller you have to be a regular at that casino, you have to also be regular at a specific type of game, in this case Poker. When we say regular you do not only observe a specific pattern in time of play but also the frequency of it, which means to become a high roller you have to play regularly and frequently. So how frequent is frequent? Well for starters you have to be willing to put four hours of your time at least on a daily basis playing at the casino of your choice. Too frequent? Well not really especially if you are to consider yourself as a high roller.
  2. Spend Big – if you want to be considered as a high roller you should spend big, and bet big. Going on a huge spending spree in a casino means you are confident about yourself and you are prepared to either win or lose. How much is the money that you should spend or bet on? Well at least around ten to fifteen thousand dollars for a span of a four-day stay at the Casino might just get you in to the high roller’s list.
  3. Character Counts – now your money doesn’t mean anything especially if you do not exhibit the right character of a high roller. A true high roller does not harass any of the Casino staff and he or she has to have the discipline befitting the title of being a high roller. Nobody wants to do business with a jerk so you have to be very aware on how you act. Yes it is normal to react to different situations but to overreact and to “step-on” the casino staff so to speak is something that is not being tolerated by any Casino.

These three are the most important things that you have to consider is you want to be regarded as a high roller. You might not have the first two requirements yet but having the third one makes you an ideal poker player and surely you will get the attention of people if you be polite with the staff.