It seems that when it comes to charity bingo, celebrities are never that far away. Whether it’s Denise Van Outen swapping the tables for the microphone in her local bingo hall or Sharon Osbourne trying to convert the LA community to the joys of the game, celebrity and bingo appear to go hand in hand. Historically, the two have worked in perfect unison when it comes to raising serious amounts of cash for a good cause.

The celebrity bingo caller is not just reserved for those with a love of the game, although it often helps due to the sheer amount of bingo hall slang the caller is expected to reel off from the tops of their heads. For enigmatic, interactive performances, those comfortable in front of the camera seem the perfect fit.

The star factor can make a difference to the overall total of these charity fundraisers, whether through working the crowd with improvisations or the utilisation of cheeky banter. As bingo is as much about the crowd as it is the caller, these events are a perfect way for members of the public to rub shoulders with their favourite celebrities. More often than not, the celebs were born locally and will be held in high regard by the community – again, adding yet another positive factor to the mix.

The latest example of this is from Scottish Game of Thrones star Daniel Portman, who traded in his medieval attire for Coopers bar in Glasgow recently. Usually gracing our screens protecting knights as quiet squire Podrick Payne, Portman took the stage in aid of raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Not only did he reel off a few Legs Elevens’ and Two Little Ducks,’ he also raised loads of extra cash for the foundation by offering some Game of Thrones themed extras that proved a hit with some of the ladies in the audience. Pod’s Popcorn, Pod’s Punch, A Picture with Pod and Pod’s Pecks on the Cheek were just a few of the auctioned items that made the experience hugely enjoyable for everyone involved.

Hailing from Shawlands in southern Glasgow, this was an excellent opportunity for Portman to give something back to his home city, and it seemed bingo was the perfect platform for that. The evening raised over £500 – not a bad haul for a few hours of bingo playing – and has shown organisations that bingo is a game that still has a lot of pulling power with the British public.

It’s no surprise that more and more celebrities are getting involved with charity bingo events such as these. It’s difficult to see a loser in the whole situation. The charities receive attention through their celebrity endorsements and in turn raise a substantial amount of money. Stars can show themselves to be supporting worthy causes, and the fans can meet their heroes in a fun and intimate setting. Bingo itself receives a new lease of life through the whole experience.

Bingo truly is a game of the people. No matter how famous you may find yourself, the allure of a full house (whether you’re playing for it or calling it out) still proves extremely difficult to resist.