Gambling has been in the veins of humans since they used to live in caves. Since then gambling has become an obsession and addiction as now it is associated with money. People who want to earn a lot of money in less time take the path of gambling and visit various casinos to test their luck.

The ones who are not able to visit casinos visit various gambling websites such as for playing online gambling games such as bingo and poker.

In a casino, the most favorite game of most of the visitors is the slot machines which cater some very huge jackpots. Basically, there are 2 different types of slot machines i.e Class II and Class III. Now both of these slot machines are completely different and operate in a very different way. A lot of people play class II and class III machines at various casinos but they never realize the difference between them.

A class III machine which is also known as “ Vegas Style” slots is majorly found in largely regulated markets such as in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Reno. These machines work using an RNG or Random Number Generator.

You will be thinking what is an RNG? RNG is a program which generates possible numbers randomly after a person hits the spin button of the slot machine. If we look at the theoretical prospect, a program created by humans cannot be totally random, but an RNG is made such that it goes as close as possible.

Even if the machine is not working thousands and thousands of number are generated in the machine and within split second you hit the spin button the number is randomly generated and presented in the form of certain symbols on the screen. Your win or loss is quickly determined as soon as you hit the button.

One of the significant features of RNG machines is that there is a possibility of hitting a jackpot on every spin. This means that the theory about machines being “due to hit” i.e if you hit a jackpot in one spin then you will not win it on another spin, this is not true. You have a chance of hitting a jackpot in your every spin on a Class III slot machine.

So all this information above was about Class III “Vegas Style” slot machines. But talking about Class II slot machines they are totally different. Class II machines which are known as Virtual Lottery Terminals or VLT’s which are majorly found on Indian gaming reservations and racinos. For those who are not aware of what is racinos, they are places which allow class II slot machines which are attached with live horse track.

Class II machines are basically preprogrammed and this is the reason why there are a lot of misconceptions about these machines.

Class II machines are just like a scratch-off lottery ticket. Its tickets are sold and there are certain numbers which are the winning ticket. Class II slot machines are particularly based on the game of bingo. On a large number of class II slot machines, you will find a little bingo card on its corner. At some places they have class II slot machines because bingo is legal and the regular slot machines are not.  This is why manufacturers built class II slot machines. For people who are video poker players, it is advisable that they avoid playing class II machines. You should go for playing on an RNG machine because it totally eradicates every possibility of any type of conspiracy as it is completely random.