In the gamut of online casino games, roulette is one of those propositions that offer the skilled player a chance to turn the odds in their favour. Of course, like all endeavours where numbers rule the day, things won’t always go your way. However, if you can swing the weight of probability towards you (rather than away from you), then the number of times things go your way will outweigh the times they don’t.

Adopting this mindset is the first step towards success in any online casino game, including roulette. Naturally, understanding something and then putting it into practice can be tough, especially when the thing you’re grappling with is an abstract concept. However, if you can force yourself to understand that, even when you make all the right moves, things won’t always go your way, you can then start to improve your overall success rate at the tables.

Make the Right Choices

Once you’ve processed this concept the next strategy you need to be aware of when you’re playing roulette from or one of its iGaming peers, is that choices matter. After selecting your favourite online casino site for roulette, whether that’s Titan, 32Red, Betfred or Mr Green, the next choice you’ll have to make is the format you’re going to play.

In the virtual world the two main roulette variants you’ll encounter will be single zero or double zero. Although the main flow of each game is the same, the main difference you’ll notice after a few spins is that one game has 37 betting options while the other has 38. While this might not seem like a big decision, the overall result on your expected value (EV) can be huge.

In a general sense, choosing the game with 37 betting options (i.e. single zero roulette) means your chances of success are almost twice as good as they are in a double zero game (38 betting options).

The reason for this is that the top payouts for both games are 35:1. Over the course of a few spins this may not make much of a difference. However, in the long run this difference can add up.

In fact, when you run the numbers, you’ll see that in a single zero game the house has a 2.7% edge, while in a double zero game it’s 5.26%. This statistical difference can have a marked impact on your overall success rate which is why you should always make the right choice (i.e. single zero roulette) when you ante-up online.

Do the Double

The final weapon you need to add to your roulette arsenal before you start spin the wheels on sites such as Titan, Mr Green or 32Red, is the double dozen strategy. Instead of placing a slew of high risk bets at random places on the board, you should focus your bets on two separate dozens. A winning dozen bet pays out at 2:1, which means you can still show a profit with two simultaneous dozen bets.

For example, $10 on the first dozen and $10 on the second will cost you $20 in total. If one of these wins you’ll earn a $30 payout and, therefore, earn a $10 profit. The reason this is a great strategy to employ is because with two bets you’ll cover 66% of the board. As we said at the start, the key to success at the roulette table, moreover the casino world at large, is to swing the odds in your favour. Having control of 66% of the board certainly does this which is why the double dozen is great for any roulette player.